SWiSHmax 4.0

SWiSHmax will allow you to create Flash movies quickly and easily
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SWiSHmax is a program that will allow you to create Flash movies quickly and easily.
By using this tool, the users will be able to create any type of Flash animation, without difficulty or knowledge. SWISHmax provides templates to prepare horizontal or vertical banners, galleries, jukeboxes or even whole web sites. By editing these templates, it is possible to generate customized animations that can be used in your own applications, or published to the web.

The program lets you select the background image, pictures, fonts, music and headings that you want to include in your animation. You can define the actions that you want the movie to take when you click on a link and draw objects that will appear on your screen. When you create a web site, SWISHmax will generate not only a SWF file that will contain all the things that you have chosen, but an HTML file as well that will have that movie, with every parameter needed to show it on the web site.

The trial version of this program will let you use it free of charge for thirty days. When installing it, you will need to ask for a free trial license, that the authors will send you for free.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to use.
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